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The case for studying other planetary magnetospheres and atmospheres in Heliophysics

Cohen I. J., C. Arridge, A. Azari, C. Bard, G. Clark, F. Crary, S. Curry, P. Delamere, R. M. Dewey, G. A. DiBraccio, C. Dong, A. Drozdov, A. Engert, R. Filwett, J. Halekas, A. Halford, A. Hughes, K. Garcia-Sage, M. Gkioulidou, C. Goetz, C. Grava, M. Hirsch, H. L. Huybrighs, P. Kollmann, L. Lamy, W. Li, M. Liemohn, R. Marshal, A. Masters, R. T. McAteer, K. Molaverdikhani, A. Mukhopadhyay, R. Nikoukar, L. Paxton, L. H. Regoli, E. Roussos, N. Schneider, A. Sulaiman, Y. Sun, J. Szalay, (2023), The case for studying other planetary magnetospheres and atmospheres in Heliophysics, Arxiv, doi:10.48550/arXiv.2308.11690

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Arridge Azari Bard Clark Cohen Crary Curry Delamere Dewey DiBraccio Dong Drozdov Engert Filwett Garcia-Sage Gkioulidou Goetz Grava Halekas Halford Hirsch Hughes Huybrighs Kollmann Lamy Li Liemohn Marshal Masters McAteer Molaverdikhani Mukhopadhyay Nikoukar Paxton Regoli Roussos Schneider Sulaiman Sun Szalay

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      title={The case for studying other planetary magnetospheres and atmospheres in Heliophysics}, 
      author={Ian J. Cohen and Chris Arridge and Abigail Azari and Chris Bard and George Clark and Frank Crary and Shannon Curry and Peter Delamere and Ryan M. Dewey and Gina A. DiBraccio and Chuanfei Dong and Alexander Drozdov and Austin Engert and Rachael Filwett and Jasper Halekas and Alexa Halford and Andréa Hughes and Katherine Garcia-Sage and Matina Gkioulidou and Charlotte Goetz and Cesare Grava and Michael Hirsch and Hans Leo F. Huybrighs and Peter Kollmann and Laurent Lamy and Wen Li and Michael Liemohn and Robert Marshal and Adam Masters and R. T. James McAteer and Karan Molaverdikhani and Agnit Mukhopadhyay and Romina Nikoukar and Larry Paxton and Leonardo H. Regoli and Elias Roussos and Nick Schneider and Ali Sulaiman and Y. Sun and Jamey Szalay},