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Maximilian Pfitzer

PhD Student


Maximilian has a bachelor and master degree in physics. He studied at ETH Z├╝rich until 2021 and graduated there at the Positronium Lab. He joined the research group of Yuri Shprits in August 2021 in the field of Space Physics. He is currently focusing on time series forecasting using neural networks for the Verb model.

Research interests

– neural networks
– space physics
– quantum computing


  1. Landis D. A., A. A. Saikin, I. Zhelavskaya, A. Y. Drozdov, N. Aseev, Y. Y. Shprits, M. F. Pfitzer, A. G. Smirnov, (2022), NARX Neural Network Derivations of the Outer Boundary Radiation Belt Electron Flux, Space Weather, 20, e2021SW002774, doi:10.1029/2021SW002774, e2021SW002774 2021SW002774

Conference presentations