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Allison H., Y. Shprits, M. Wutzig, D. Wang, A. Drozdov, (2021), Passing the Alfven Layer by Means of Chorus Acceleration, AGU 2021 Fall Meeting, SM23B-01

Camporeale E., G. Wilkie, A. Drozdov, J. Bortnik, (2021), Machine learning based discovery of missing physical processes in radiation belt modeling, AGU 2021 Fall Meeting, SM21B-07

Camporeale E., G. Wilkie, A. Drozdov, J. Bortnik, (2021), Forecasting Radiation Belt Electron Flux Using Machine-learned Parameters for Radial Transport Equation, AGU 2021 Fall Meeting, NG45B-0578

Castillo Tibocha A. M., Y. Shprits, N. Aseev, H. Allison, A. Smirnov, A. Drozdov, (2021), Can we intercalibrate satellite measurements by means of data assimilation? An attempt on LEO satellites, AGU 2021 Fall Meeting, SA12A-03

Drozdov A. Y., H. J. Allison, Y. Y. Shprits, M. E. Usanova, A. Saikin, D. Wang, M. Szabo-Roberts, (2021), Observations of multi-MeV electron flux depletion and their relation to the minima in phase space density, AGU 2021 Fall Meeting

Lewis J. W., M. F. Bashir, A. Drozdov, E. W. Grimes, N. Hatzigeorgiu, J. M. McTiernan, C. Russell, V. Angelopoulos, (2021), SPEDAS: A Way Forward to Integrated Heliophysics Data, Analysis and Teams and Preparing the Next Generation of Space Scientists, AGU 2021 Fall Meeting

Saikin A., A. Drozdov, D. Malaspina, H. Zhu, (2021), A Low Frequency Plasmaspheric Hiss Wave Model Parameterized by Plasmapause Location, AGU 2021 Fall Meeting, SM41B-05

Saikin A., Y. Shprits, A. Drozdov, D. Landis, I. Zhelavskaya, J. S. Cervantes Villa, (2021), Reconstruction of the Radiation Belts for Solar Cycles 17-24 (1933-2017), AGU 2021 Fall Meeting, SH45E-2409

Shprits Y., H. Allison, A. Drozdov, D. Wang, N. Aseev, I. Zhelavskaya, M. Usanova, (2021), Controlling Effect of the Cold Plasma Density on Acceleration and Loss of Electrons at Ultra-Relativistic Energies, AGU 2021 Fall Meeting, SM12A-02

Smirnov A., Y. Shprits, H. Allison, N. Aseev, A. Drozdov, P. Kollmann, (2021), Storm-time evolution and empirical modelling of the equatorial electron pitch angle distributions in Earth’s outer radiation belt, AGU 2021 Fall Meeting, SM15B-1958

Wang D., Y. Shprits, A. Drozdov, (2021), Three-dimensional Versatile Electron Radiation Belt Code (VERB-3D) Simulations for the Van Allen Probe Era, AGU 2021 Fall Meeting, SM25A-06