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Drozdov A., N. Aseev, F. Effenberger, D. L. Turner, A. Saikin, Y. Shprits, (2019), Storm-time depletions of multi-MeV radiation belt electrons observed at different pitch angles, AGU 2019 Fall Meeting

Grimes E. W., N. Hatzigeorgiu, J. W. Lewis, C. Russell, J. M. McTiernan, A. Drozdov, V. Angelopoulos, (2019), pySPEDAS: Space Physics Environment Data Analysis Software in Python, AGU 2019 Fall Meeting

Landis D., I. Zhelavskaya, Y. Shprits, N. Aseev, (2019), Neural Network-Based Model of Radiation Belt Electron Flux Near GEO, AGU 2019 Fall Meeting

Saikin A., Y. Shprits, A. Drozdov, D. Landis, (2019), Hindcasting the radiation belts, simulating electron dynamics from Solar Cycle 17 – 24, AGU 2019 Fall Meeting

Sarma R., G. J. Wilkie, E. Camporeale, A. Drozdov, Y. Shprits, (2019), Physics-informed machine learning for estimating the electron flux in the Earth’s radiation belts, AGU 2019 Fall Meeting

Shprits Y., N. Aseev, A. Drozdov, J. S. Cervantes Villa, A. M. Castillo, I. Zhelavskaya, R. Vasile, F. Effenberger, D. Boneberg, I. Michaelis, A. Saikin, (2019), Modeling and Data Assimilation of the Ring Current, Relativistic and Ultra-relativistic Electrons in the Inner Magnetosphere, AGU 2019 Fall Meeting

Wilkie G. J., E. Camporeale, R. Sarma, J. Bortnik, A. Drozdov, Y. Shprits, (2019), Estimation of Radiation Belts’ Phase Space Density using Physics-Informed Neural Networks, AGU 2019 Fall Meeting