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Aseev N., Y. Shprits, D. Wang, A. Drozdov, G. D. Reeves, (2018), Modeling the dynamics of ring current electrons inside GEO: comparison with Van Allen Probe observations and sensitivity to boundary conditions, AGU 2018 Fall Meeting, SM43E-3627

Camporeale E., R. Sarma, M. Chandorkar, A. Drozdov, Y. Shprits, (2018), Bayesian Inference of Radial Diffusion Parameters for the Earth’s Radiation Belt: a Deep Learning Framework, AGU 2018 Fall Meeting, SM31D-3515

Cervantes Villa J. S., Y. Shprits, A. C. Kellerman, A. Drozdov, (2018), Reanalysis of Long Term Radiation Belt Electron Fluxes Relying on Four Spacecraft, the VERB Code, and a Sequential Kalman Filter, AGU 2018 Fall Meeting, SM31E-3550

Drozdov A., Y. Shprits, N. Aseev, A. Kellerman, M. Usanova, (2018), Observations of multi-MeV electron loss and its relation to the minima in phase space density, AGU 2018 Fall Meeting

Effenberger F., Y. Shprits, N. Aseev, A. Drozdov, D. Wang, A. Kellerman, J. Cervantes Villa, (2018), Earth’s relativistic electron radiation belt response to CME- and CIR driven geomagnetic storms, (poster), AGU 2018 Fall Meeting, SM43D-3587

Grimes E. W., V. Angelopoulos, J. W. Lewis, J. M. McTiernan, N. Hatzigeorgiu, C. Russell, A. Drozdov, R. Mullinix, T. A. King, (2018), HAPI Updates to the Space Physics Environment Data Analysis Software, AGU 2018 Fall Meeting, IN11D-0645

Grimes E. W., J. W. Lewis, V. Angelopoulos, J. M. McTiernan, N. Hatzigeorgiu, A. Drozdov, C. Russell, (2018), Pyspedas, a Python Implementation of SPEDAS, AGU 2018 Fall Meeting, IN11B-0629

Loridan V., J. F. Ripoll, M. Denton, O. Santolik, S. A. Thaller, A. Drozdov, Y. Shprits, G. Cunningham, G. D. Reeves, S. Morley, (2018), Assessing the consistency of data-driven whistler mode hiss wave scattering effects during storm-recovery via dedicated error metrics, AGU 2018 Fall Meeting, SM31E-3548

Ripoll J. F., D. Malaspina, V. Loridan, M. Denton, G. Cunningham, G. D. Reeves, O. Santolik, D. L. Turner, X. Chu, J. F. Fennell, A. Drozdov, J. S. Cervantes Villa, Y. Shprits, S. A. Thaller, G. B. Hospodarsky, W. S. Kurth, C. Kletzing, J. R. Wygant, M. G. Henderson, A. Y. Ukhorskiy, (2018), On the Importance of Hiss Waves and Plasma Density for Sculpting the 3D (L-shell, energy, pitch angle) Structure of the Radiation Belts during Quiet Times, AGU 2018 Fall Meeting, SM21A-06

Saikin A., J. C. Zhang, W. Smith, M. Mello, E. Spence, D. Reeves, B. Torbert, C. Kletzing, (2018), An inner magnetosphere empirical EMIC wave amplitude and occurrence prediction model, (poster), AGU 2018 Fall Meeting

Shprits Y., D. Wang, M. Spasojevic, I. Zhelavskaya, A. Drozdov, N. Aseev, (2018), A New Analytical Chorus Wave Model Derived from Van Allen Probe Observations, AGU 2018 Fall Meeting, SM43D-3604

Usanova M., A. Drozdov, I. R. Mann, Y. Shprits, A. Kale, (2018), Long-term correlation of ground EMIC wave activity and ultra-relativistic electron flux variations, AGU 2018 Fall Meeting, SM11B-05

Zhelavskaya I. S., N. Aseev, Y. Y. Shprits, M. Spasojevic, (2018), A combined neural network- and physics-based approach for modeling the plasmasphere dynamics during extreme geomagnetic events, AGU 2018 Fall Meeting, December 9 – 14, 2018, Washington D.C, USA