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Camporeale E., G. J. Wilkie, R. Sarma, A. Drozdov, J. Bortnik, (2020), Data-driven discovery of Fokker-Planck equation for radiation belt electrons using physics-informed neural networks, AGU 2020 Fall Meeting

Drozdov A., Y. Shprits, N. Aseev, M. Usanova, H. Allison, A. Saikin, I. Zhelavskaya, (2020), Minima in phase space density and how they relate to the multi-MeV electron radiation belt depletions, AGU 2020 Fall Meeting

Saikin A., Y. Shprits, A. Drozdov, D. Landis, I. Zhelavskaya, J. S. Cervantes Villa, (2020), Reconstruction of the Radiation Belts for Solar Cycles 17 – 24 (1933 – 2017), AGU 2020 Fall Meeting,

Shprits Y., J. Menietti, E. Woodfield, R. Horne, (2020), Wave-Particle Interactions and Radiation Belt Modeling in the Terrestrial and Planetary Magnetospheres, AGU 2020 Fall Meeting

Shprits Y., H. Allison, A. Drozdov, D. Wang, N. Aseev, I. Zhelavskaya, M. Usanova, (2020), Acceleration and Loss of Ultra-relativistic Electrons in the Earth Van Allen Radiation Belts, AGU 2020 Fall Meeting

Szabo-Roberts M., Y. Shprits, H. Allison, A. Smirnov, N. Aseev, R. Vasile, Y. Miyoshi, T. Mitani, N. Higashio, S. Kasahara, (2020), Statistical Comparisons of Spin-Averaged Electron Flux from ARASE and Van Allen Probes Instruments, (poster), AGU 2020 Fall Meeting

Wang D., Y. Shprits, I. Zhelavskaya, F. Effenberger, A. Drozdov, A. M. Castillo Tibocha, N. Aseev, J. S. Cervantes Villa, (2020), Controlling Effect of Wave Models and Plasma Boundaries on the Dynamic Evolution of Relativistic Radiation Belt Electrons, AGU 2020 Fall Meeting

Wutzig M., Y. Shprits, N. Aseev, I. Michaelis, H. Allison, R. Vasile, (2020), Using the VERB-4D code for forecasting Earth’s radiation belt and ring current electron dynamics, (invited), AGU 2020 Fall Meeting