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Aseev N., Y. Shprits, A. Drozdov, A. C. Kellerman, D. Wang, (2017), Combined convective and diffusive modeling of the ring current and radiation belt electron dynamics using the VERB-4D code, AGU 2017 Fall Meeting

Castillo Tibocha A. M., Y. Shprits, A. Drozdov, A. C. Kellerman, N. Aseev, (2017), Coupling of Outward Radial Diffusion and Losses at the Magnetopause in the Outer Radiation Belt, AGU 2017 Fall Meeting

Cervantes Villa J. S., Y. Shprits, A. C. Kellerman, A. Drozdov, (2017), Data Assimilation and Reanalysis of Radiation Belt Electrons, AGU 2017 Fall Meeting

Drozdov A., Y. Shprits, N. Aseev, A. C. Kellerman, G. D. Reeves, (2017), Dependence of radiation belt simulations to assumed radial diffusion rates, (poster), AGU 2017 Fall Meeting

Drozdov A., Y. Shprits, E. Usanova, A. Aseev, H. Zhu, C. Kellerman, (2017), Modeling effects of EMIC wave in the radiation belts simulation, (invited), AGU 2017 Fall Meeting

Kellerman A. C., Y. Shprits, R. L. McPherron, D. A. Kondrashov, J. M. Weygand, H. Zhu, A. Drozdov, (2017), The radiation-belt electron phase-space-density response to stream-interaction regions: A study combining multi-point observations, data-assimilation, and physics-based modeling, AGU 2017 Fall Meeting

Ripoll J. F., O. Santolik, G. D. Reeves, W. S. Kurth, M. Denton, V. Loridan, S. A. Thaller, G. Cunningham, C. Kletzing, D. L. Turner, M. G. Henderson, S. Ukhorskiy, A. Drozdov, J. S. Cervantes Villa, Y. Shprits, (2017), Effects of whistler mode hiss waves on the radiation belts structure during quiet times, AGU 2017 Fall Meeting

Shprits Y., I. S. Zhelavskaya, A. C. Kellerman, M. Spasojevic, D. A. Kondrashov, M. Ghil, N. Aseev, A. M. Castillo Tibocha, J. S. Cervantes Villa, C. Kletzing, W. S. Kurth, (2017), Obtaining Global Picture From Single Point Observations by Combining Data Assimilation and Machine Learning Tools, AGU 2017 Fall Meeting

Zhang J., S. A. Boardsen, V. N. Coffey, M. O. Chandler, A. Saikin, E. M. Mello, C. T. Russell, R. B. Torbert, S. A. Fuselier, B. L. Giles, D. J. Gershman, (2017), Properties, propagation, and excitation of EMIC waves observed by MMS: A case study, AGU 2017 Fall Meeting, doi:2017AGUFMSM13D2397Z

Zhelavskaya I. S., Y. Shprits, M. Spasojevic, (2017), Empirical Modeling of the Plasmasphere Dynamics Using Neural Networks, AGU 2017 Fall Meeting


Aseev N., Y. Y. Shprits, A. C. Kellerman, A. Drozdov, H. Zhu, (2016), The Earth’s Electron Radiation Belts Modeling: from the Source Population to Relativistic Energies, AGU 2017 Fall Meeting, SM11B-2158