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Drozdov A., (2022), Numerical Modeling of Radiation Belt Dynamics, Invited lecture, Radiation Belt Dynamics and Remote Sensing of the Earth’s Plasmasphere, 26 – 30 September, 2022, International School of Space Science, Università degli Studi dell’Aquila, September, 2022


Drozdov A., (2020), The Role of Hiss, Chorus and EMIC Waves in the Modeling of the Dynamics of the Multi-MeV Radiation Belt Electrons., Invited lecture, Space Plasma Seminar, IKI, webinar


Drozdov A., (2019), Electron radiation belts. Modeling and observations., Invited lecture, Space Plasma Seminar, IKI, webinar


Drozdov A., (2018), Data Availability and Forecast Products for Space Weather, Invited lecture, UCLA reading class, UCLA, October, 2018


Drozdov A., (2014), Radiation and Emitting in the Upper Atmosphere, Invited lecture, Skolkovo, Moscow, Russia