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Dobynde M. I., Y. Y. Shprits, A. Y. Drozdov, J. Hoffman, J. Li, (2021), Beating 1 Sievert: Optimal Radiation Shielding of Astronauts on a Mission to Mars, Space Weather, 19, e2021SW002749, doi:10.1029/2021SW002749, e2021SW002749 2021SW002749


Dobynde M., Y. Shprits, A. Drozdov, J. Hoffman, J. Li, (2016), Time-dependent radiation dose simulations during interplanetary spaceflights, 41st Cospar Scientific Assembly, abstracts from the meeting that was to be held 30 July – 7 August at the Istanbul Congress Center(ICC), Turkey, but was cancelled.,Abstract id.# F2.2-4-16.